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Spring with Lillian Fallon

A note from Janet: We're trying something new! I asked the lovely Lillian Fallon to style some of my favorite pieces that will be for sale on May 31, and to share a bit about her thoughts on fashion and her project #TheologyofStyle. Ok, Lillian, take it away! Hi, I’m Lillian Fallon! My love for vintage clothing began four years ago in New York City. I used to spend an entire paycheck at Zara; my closet was stuffed to the brim. Yet "I had nothing to wear," and honestly I didn't particularly like anything I owned. One day, I walked past my reflection in a store window and couldn't even pick myself out of the crowd. It was the last...

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Spring 2020 Lookbook

Well, if this isn't the strangest season we've all ever experienced, I don't know what. Emily Hannon and I shot these photos right before the threat of the virus really amped and just the idea of quarantining seemed extreme. Now, here we are. Weeks later, our lives have been upturned, stripped, and shaken. Yet, Spring has come. New life still bursts forth with all its hope. The sun is still shining and shining more each day. I gathered this bright collection before the virus took hold, and I cannot wait to share it with you. I threw together six fun outfits for a little inspiration, even for staying home in - because each one is so darn COMFY. All of these...

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