Spring with Lillian Fallon

A note from Janet: We're trying something new! I asked the lovely Lillian Fallon to style some of my favorite pieces that will be for sale on May 31, and to share a bit about her thoughts on fashion and her project #TheologyofStyle. Ok, Lillian, take it away!

Hi, I’m Lillian Fallon!

My love for vintage clothing began four years ago in New York City. I used to spend an entire paycheck at Zara; my closet was stuffed to the brim. Yet "I had nothing to wear," and honestly I didn't particularly like anything I owned. One day, I walked past my reflection in a store window and couldn't even pick myself out of the crowd. It was the last straw. 

At the same time, I found myself revisiting the writings in St. John Paul II’s Theology of The Body. He explains that each human person is unique and unrepeatable, crafted by God as one-of-a-kind. Theology of the Body explains how the body manifests the soul, expressing the human person. I realized that what we wear can actually reveal the unseen beauty of our souls while dignifying our bodies. I had to ask myself: “If that's the case, why not dress like it?”

Four years later, my wardrobe is 98% vintage clothing, and not only has my personal style grown—I've grown as a person. Vintage helped me develop my personal style—the clothing is rooted in history, the silhouettes are timeless, and I could focus on items that expressed who I was, free from trends. Unique vintage pieces, with your own unique styling twist, have the amazing ability to reflect our individuality. 

When styling these looks, I was inspired by Parisian romantics—like Jane Birkin and Jeanne Damas—and the season of Spring itself. There is an effortless femininity to Spring. Raw beauty emerges after a long winter — flowers explode on trees, petals scatter the sidewalks, powerful thunderstorms make their first debut. I chose to pair whimsical items with contrasting masculine pieces, reflecting the balance of masculinity and femininity we see in nature itself: delicate blouses with vintage jeans, dresses with boots, and florals with leather. For every blossoming flower, there are strong roots that dig deep into the dirt. 

I hope this inspires you on your own vintage journey, and I can’t wait to see how the new owners of these vintage pieces make them their own!


Delicate Layers

For sale on May 31: Black & White Silk Gingham Dress, Vintage Orange Floral basket weave purse. 


Florals Meets Denim Meets Leather

For sale on May 31: Vintage late 60s Yellow Floral Gown


Structured and Sweet

For sale on May 31:Vintage Navy Striped Tie-Waist Cropped Oxford 

Prairie Dreams

For sale on May 31: Vintage 70s Flutter Sleeve Floor-length floral gown

Parisian Vibes

For sale on May 31: Vintage Pure Silk Over-Sized Blouse

BoHo Pink

For sale on May 31: Vintage 70s Pink Empire Tie-Waist back maxi dress. 

Casual Feminine Florals

For sale on May 31:Modern Green Floral Wrap Top, Vintage Floral Basket Purse. 


Pretty Preppy

For sale on May 31: vintage eighties statement collar blouse


Comfy Color 

For sale on May 31: Vintage Lime Green Knit Midi Skirt, Vintage Made in USA Over-sized Short-Sleeve Button-Down