I never imagined I would be running a curated second hand thrift and vintage online clothing shop while raising my four, three, and one-and-a-half year old at home. But, here I am, and I never fathomed it would bring me such joy.        

In the beginning, I'd thrift when I could ( with lots of snacks for toddler meltdowns) and post videos of my findings on Instagram stories for sale.  From there, it grew into carefully curated and inspired monthly clothing "drops"  when items would be available for purchase on a set date and time here on the website.

The Ever Thrift you see now is a passion project of mine. Each month, I carefully curate an inspired seasonal "collection" of anywhere from 30-100 clothing items and accessories. Each item I personally love and would wear in a heartbeat. New items and sale dates are posted on Instagram (where I try-on most of the clothes as well), and sent out to my email list.

I believe clothes communicate who we are and who we want to be... and, I also think getting dressed should be fun. Wearing vintage or second hand is wearing something utterly unique and unrepeatable...and I think that reflects a bit of who we are as women. I'm in the process of learning to embrace who I am and wear clothes that make me smile. And, it's my hope to do that here for you, too.

Charities I Support

$1 of each sale benefits charities that are near and dear to my heart. In the past, sales have supported:

  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • The Sisters of Life
  • Rachel's Vineyard