Tips to Score A Great Find at Ever Thrift

How do drops work?

About once a month—sometimes more, it just depends on how crazy life is!—I carefully curate collections of anywhere from 30-100 clothing items and accessories. Leading up to a sale, I share as many sneak peeks as I can on Instagram, and sometimes I try them on so you can get styling ideas and see how pieces fit.

Collections go on sale at a set date and time that I post on Instagram and send to my email list. Sign up or follow to know when the next sale is coming!

How to get that piece you're eyeing...

The hard thing about thirfted items is that there's usually only one—which is a bummer when everyone else wants the same thing as you! Sadly, I haven't been able to find a way to hold items that you put in your cart—which means that the first person to make the purchase is the one who gets the piece. 

The safest way to make sure you can get a piece is to check out with the item immediately, or use the "buy now" or "Shop pay" button on the product, which will take you directly to the payment and checkout page.

For the fastest checkout: set up Shop Pay

Shopify (which is what the Ever Thrift website is built on) offers a quick checkout option by saving your information via Shop Pay. If you'd like to set this up before a sale, down the app from your phone's app store, or go to the Shop Pay website and you'll be directed to download for your platform.

Measure to know your size!

We list product measurements on all of our clothing items, and have implemented size filters. To find your size, measure at your waist, bust, and hips and follow our size chart to see if the items would work for you.