Mary, Mother of Mercy Pure Silk Scarf

(Mary, Mother of Mercy pure silk scarf 40"x40" version above)

It is my joy to introduce to you the newest ethically made Marian floral silk scarf, "Mary Mother of Mercy" made in collaboration with Litany.  And, the stunning photography you see here is from the lovely Caitlin Renn of Caitlin Renn Photography.

After the release of "Mary, Mother of the Church," it has been on my heart to create another beautiful new piece that reminds us of Our Blessed Mother throughout the day.

(Mary, Mother of Mercy pure silk scarf 40"x40" version above)

The message of Divine Mercy radically altered my life many years ago. Shortly after, I fell in love with Mary, the Mother of God. She no longer was a stony cold ideal that felt impossible to live up to. Throughout my reversion to my Catholic faith, I came to see and know her as a mother of strength who loves fiercely with the heart of lion. I understood intimately her desire to embrace me and lead me to her Son, the source of all life and joy. 

(Mary, Mother of Mercy pure silk scarf 20"x20" version above) Gorgeous Marian medal via Telos Art.

And, oh! How she is a perfect brings me to tears to think of how perfectly and quietly behind the scenes she has been arranging my life, gently nudging me towards what is true and good, like any good mom. 

(Mary, Mother of Mercy pure silk scarf 40"x40" version above)

(Mary, Mother of Mercy pure silk scarf 20"x20" version above)

With my background in fashion, knowing how powerful style is in communicating the inherent dignity of women, combined with my love of Marian florals and personal history with Divine Mercy - this grace-filled concoction bubbled forth into something so beautiful I could never have imagine myself. 

Every detail so thoughtfully drawn by Veronica, the artist and designer behind Litany, points to a deeper meaning that is meant to draw you further into the mystery of Divine Mercy and Our Lady's role.

(Mary, Mother of Mercy pure silk scarf 40"x40" version above) 

Reminiscent of a 18th century Dutch floral still lite painting, the bold flowers against the dark charcoal background surrounded by a deconstructed gilded frame make the florals seem to pop, highlighting the bright and shining hope found in the ocean of mercy. 

"Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness, and our hope..." For centuries, Christians have cried out to the Blessed Virgin Mary with these words. Through her Immaculate Conception, God made her to be the created masterpiece of His Mercy in the world. 

 At the center of this pure silk ethically made scarf is our Redeemer, the source Mercy itself. The pelican is an ancient Christian symbol representing Christ, as it is believed pelicans would wound themselves to feed their young. Thomas Aquinas in his "Adoro Te" addresses the Savior as "Pelican of Mercy."

Circling the pelican is the crown of thorns, representing His passion. From this blooms forth into an abundance of new life, flowering and spreading to the four corners of the scarf, as His Mercy reaches the ends of the earth.

  • Forget Me Nots are for "Our Lady's Eyes"
  • Morning Glories for "Our Lady's Mantle" which lovingly envelops us
  • White Orchid is our "Lady's Hand of Pity," inviting us to trust in His Mercy
  • Garden Roses, for she is the "Mystical Rose" who is no stranger to beautiful suffering
  • Cowslip, "Our Lady's Keys," pointing to her role as Mediatrix of All Grace
  • Lastly, three bright Poppies—Crucifixion Blood Drops—pepper the garden grown from the crown of thorns. His Most Precious Blood even sprinkles the petals and foliage, as it is the source, hope, and refuge of poor sinners. 

What I love about a classic silk scarf is that there are a variety of different ways to wear it, and it's a simple accessory that totally makes your personal shine. 

(Mary, Mother of Mercy pure silk scarf 40"x40" version above)

This year, the Mother of Mercy scarf comes in TWO sizes - 20"x 20" and 40"x40" versions - which make for even more styling options! One of my favorites ways for the 40x40 shown above, is a simple bandana style wrap and finish it off by tying the extra long tails into a small knot in front. 

 Or, just fold the gorgeous large square scarf in half into a triangle and wrap around your shoulders for the prettiest shawl. 

 If wearing a scarf intimidates you, the 40x40" version is so easy to just throw around your neck and go. It's an easy option to give a simple neutral outfit a pump of color. 

(Mary, Mother of Mercy pure silk scarf 40"x40" version above) + Ethically made handwoven Classic French Market Basket in shop.

(Mary, Mother of Mercy pure silk scarf 20"x20" version above) 

The 20"x20" version is just as easy and simple. Whether in a bandana bib style or classic neck knot, the smaller square silk scarf is a staple accessory that's subtle splash of color with any outfit. 

The 20"x 20"square version is perfect to throw on with any top and you can even layer it over turtlenecks or tuck into sweaters throughout the colder months.

Beautiful Immaculate Conception medal via Telos Art. One of the cleverest scarf hacks I've seen for the smaller square scarf is to tie it around your favorite hat! 

As for inspiration for hair, there are so many wonderful ways to tie either size scarf. Simply fold in triangle and wrap into a kerchief style.

A headband style is perfect for second day hair, and I'm in love with the 60s French vibe by covering your ears for a wider headband look. 

Tie the ends of the scarf the opposite way and secure at the top of the head for another super easy headband look. Stunning favorite miraculous medal via Telos Art.

(Mary, Mother of Mercy pure silk scarf 20"x20" version above) 

 The 40"x40" is such a gorgeous and dramatic way to tie up a pony. 

For the same look with the 20"x20" version, see below:)

This next look was a group effort....

For a large, feminine bow, we used the 40"x40" and hand tied the bow before securing it to the pony tail with a bobby pin and elastic tie. You could definitely do the same kind of look by just tying the bow in your hair, but the bow will have more of a flouncy and loose feel. 


 This newest Marian floral silk scarf has been a labor of love, and from the beginning it has always been about giving honor to Our Lady in a beautiful way. This scarf is meant to remind you of her presence, to literally be wrapped in her merciful embrace. 

(20"x20" scarf featured above along with Telos Art necklace.)

How wonderful it is to literally wear your faith in such a unique, subtle yet stunning way. 

May something as simple as this scarf remind you of His unfathomable Divine Mercy and of His loving Mother who leads us to the fount of Mercy Itself.