Hello French Market Bags


For years, I've used my own market basket as my go-to carry-all for everything from diapers, snacks, books, blankets, and my favorite; bunches and bunches of fresh flowers and farmer's market goods.

My basket has also made its way into pretty much every Ever Thrift photo shoot. I'm always getting questions about where to buy it, which has had me dreaming of selling these beauties for sometime now. Well, friends, it's finally happening—I'm carrying these baskets in the shop! 

This is my first venture outside my usual thrift and vintage hauls, and it seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do. But it's still pretty surreal to get to sell not one but FOUR different styles here on Ever Thrift!

These bags are produced in Morocco and handwoven by artisans and rural farmers as a second income. Each weave is particular to different regions in Morocco, based on tradition and available materials. No two baskets are alike—and that's exactly why I love them. They embody the one-of-a-kind style I love to celebrate with my vintage clothing finds. And there's nothing like slinging one of these babies over your shoulder for a walk around town and feeling like you've been transported to a charming French country village.  

I'm so excited to introduce to you the four styles below (that will be regularly stocked in the shop!) as well as a handful of my favorite pieces that will be available for sale on June 23rd at 8PM ET. 


The Classic French Market Basket

For sale 6/23: Classic French Market Basket, Short-Sleeve French Striped Drop-Waist Dress



The Round Summer Basket

For sale 6/23: Round Summer Basket, Vintage Navy Button-Front Dress 


The Petite Purse

For sale 6/23: The Petite Purse, Deadstock J.Crew Cotton Ruffle Gingham Dress



 The Rustic Market Basket

For sale 6/23: Large Rustic Market Basket, Vintage made in USA Navy Polka Dot Midi Dress

 Proof these Baskets Go With Everything

For sale 6/23: Round Summer Basket, 100% Linen Graphic Cross Back Midi, Halogen Heeled Sandals

For sale 6/23: The Petite Purse, 100% Cotton Khaki Gray 80s Maxi Skirt, Vintage Jimmy Choos 



For sale 6/23: Vintage 80s Black and White Blouse, Ann Taylor Black Wedge Pumps

For sale 6/23: The Classic French Market Basket, 90s Leopard Print Blouse.



See you Tuesday night, 6/23 8PM ET when you can shop ALL the fun pieces! 

AND, HUGE thanks to the magical Emily Hannon who shot all these gorgeous looks, as well as her dear sister, Therese Blume for being game to help me showcase the baskets and a few of my favorite items for sale next week! Doesn't she just shine?!